Advancing Your Diagnosis to Accelerate Patient Care

Create an Advanced Diagnostic Center

ADx allows physicians to create a turn-key Advanced Diagnostics Center to better diagnose and treat the major clinical conditions confronting their patients with diabetes.
ADx's innovative platform provides the required testing, equipment and personnel for the physician office to deliver the required care, achieving important patient results, with significant financial benefits delivered to the physician.

Advance Your Care of Patients

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Diagnose & Treat Major Clinical Conditions

  • Diabetes - Diabetic Retinopathy is the #1 Cause of Blindness in Adults
    (74 & under)
  • Neuropathies - The Primary or Secondary Reason for 11% of PCP Visits
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease - Prevalence cited at 12-14% of all Patients

Enhance Your Practice on a Business Level

  • Proven Reimbursement
  • Strong Revenue Generation

Bring the Specialist to Your Practice

  • Technology and TeleMedicine Approach founded out of Johns Hopkins University
  • NIH Grant Awarded Solution brought to Your Practice
  • Turn Key Approach:
    1. All Testing Performed by Qualified Technicians
    2. No Personnel or Staff Time Required
  • Comprehensive Reports Delivered within 48 hours
  • Premier Clinical Solution: Analysis and Assessment - with Quality Oversight by a Leading Institution and Leading Physicians
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